Human Rights Council

Key U.S. Outcomes at the UN Human Rights Council 29th Session

The outcomes of the 29th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva underscored the importance of […]

U.S. HRC Joint Statement on Protection of the Family

Ensuring that families are safe environments where all members are able to reach their full potential and enjoy their […]

U.S. EOV on HRC Cooperation and Assistance to Ukraine

The United States applauds the Government of Ukraine for bringing forth this resolution. We also commend Ukraine for its […]

U.S. EOP on HRC Right to Education Resolution

The United States is firmly committed to providing equal access to education.

HRC 29: U.S. EOV on Gaza Resolution

The United States remains deeply concerned for both Palestinians and Israelis and have consistently demonstrated this concern through word and deed.

U.S. Statement regarding HRC Presidential Statement on Working Methods

The United States supports efforts to make the Human Rights Council more efficient and more effective.