U.S. Lists Countries of Grave Concern on Human Rights

Human Rights Council (archive photo)

The United States remains deeply disturbed by ongoing human rights violations around the world. As we engage in these discussions in Geneva, people continue to be tortured, killed, arbitrarily arrested, and denied their fundamental rights.

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Human Rights Situation in Belarus has Deteriorated Sharply Since 2010 Elections

The human rights situation in Belarus has deteriorated sharply since the December 2010 elections, which failed to meet international standards. The government initiated a wide-ranging crackdown against the political opposition, civil society activists, independent unions and media during the post-election period. Security forces detained hundreds of peaceful demonstrators. Authorities harassed and raided the offices of dozens of nongovernmental groups, seizing documents and equipment.

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U.S. Statement at HRC Interactive Dialogue on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The United States supports the sustainable development of energy and mineral resources, including renewable resources. We are proud to say tribes in the United States participate in and benefit from natural resources development as beneficial owners of the resources and as regulators. Generally speaking, tribes are beneficial owners of surface and subsurface natural resources within Indian Country, including timber, energy and mineral resources.

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U.S. Calls for Renewal of Mandate for Independent Expert in Sudan

Now more than ever, at this important period of transition, the Human Rights Council and the international community need the Independent Expert in Sudan. Hostilities and serious human rights violations persist in Sudan. We are particularly alarmed by the deteriorating situations in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile States.

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Gross Violations of Human Rights Continue in Syria, Assad Regime Must Step Aside


Senior members of the Syrian regime who bear responsibility for safeguarding their people have betrayed that obligation. They must be accountable for the gross violations of human rights that continue.

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Crisis in Libya is Not Over; Commission of Inquiry Must Continue its Mandate


We see a better future for Libya without a Qadhafi regime, with a new government that responds to the democratic aspirations of the Libyan people, respects their universal human rights, and adheres to Libya’s international commitments and obligations.

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Yemen: U.S. Condemns Use of Force Against Civilians, Calls for Peaceful Transition

Today’s discussion on Yemen comes against the backdrop of increasingly disturbing reports of additional violence. According to news reports from Saana, yesterday government forces opened fire with anti-aircraft guns and automatic weapons on thousands of protestors. The United States condemns the use of excessive force against peaceful protestors and civilians in Yemen.

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States Must Give Priority Attention to the Health Situation of Older Persons.

While the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health applies not only to older persons, but to persons of all ages, in general older persons have increased health concerns. They tend to be more susceptible to illnesses, chronic diseases and conditions, and disabilities, and therefore require more health services.

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Civil Society Provides the Critical Foundation for Promoting All Human Rights

Ambassador Eileen Donahoe (archive photo)

People around the world have demonstrated their desire for democratic government. We have been inspired by the strength, courage, and innovation shown by peaceful demonstrators across the Middle East, and we support transitions to genuine democracies that reflect the aspirations of their citizens.

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U.S. Statement at the HRC Dialogue on the Right to Drinking Water and Sanitation

We underscore our commitment to providing safe and clean drinking water and proper sanitation to the American people. The United States is understandably proud of the tremendous accomplishments it has made it the past decades to provide its citizens with clean water at an affordable price.

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