About the Podcast Series

The US Mission to the United Nations in Geneva hosts a podcast that aims to tap into the vast wealth of expertise and collaboration that makes Geneva a hub for innovation. Each week experts from around the world gather here, along with industry leaders based here, to negotiate the best practices for the future. Each episode will be unique and feature our favorite geeks whose passion for their work has inspired us. The discussions will explore different rabbit holes in areas of trade, health, humanitarian responses, human rights, science and technology. Collectively, we believe there is something for everyone. We look forward to bringing you into the fold of Geneva’s geeky discussions that we couldn’t stop thinking about. We hope you will find them as compelling too. Check out “Geneva’s Geeks: Innovation and Impact” podcast here on the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva website, or subscribe to the podcast on itunes. Rate us and tell your friends. Follow us on Facebook to send us your ideas and feedback.

Introducing our New Series

CERN crosses the beams

UNECE Energising the Future

GEO Putting the Data to Work

WHO and Health Innovators

International Gender Champions

Geneva’s Humanitarian Touch