Peace & Security

Joint Statement by Rex Tillerson and John Kelly on Bilateral Discussions in Mexico City

Joint Statement by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly on Bilateral Discussions in Mexico City

Our conversations covered the full range of bilateral issues. We reaffirmed our close cooperation on economic and commercial issues such as energy, legal migration, security, education exchanges, and people-to-people ties.

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U.S. Press Statement on Declaration of Famine in South Sudan

An estimated 5.5 million people—nearly half of South Sudan’s population—will face life-threatening hunger this year.

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Statement on Sri Lanka’s National Day

The United States will continue to stand with you as your friend and your partner. While our level of cooperation today is unprecedented, there is always more progress to be made. Sri Lanka can become a leader in contributing to peacekeeping operations across the globe, promoting human rights abroad, and ensuring maritime security throughout the region.

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Press Conference by Secretary Mattis at NATO Headquarters


We thoroughly discussed the increased threats facing our alliance. And unified by the threats to our democracies, I found strong alliance resolve to address these growing threats.

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Joint Press Statements of NATO Secretary General and US Secretary of Defense


The Alliance remains a fundamental bedrock for the United States and for all the transatlantic community bonded as we are together. As President Trump has stated he has strong support for NATO.

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Intervention by U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis at Session One of the North Atlantic Council


Our nations stand together united in common cause. NATO is a stabilizing force in Europe, it helps preserve the rules-based international order globally, and ultimately, it serves to keep the peace and defend shared values that grew out of the Enlightenment.

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Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence at CIA Headquarters

Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence at CIA Headquarters January 21, 2017 Langley, Virginia 3:21 P.M. EST VICE PRESIDENT PENCE:  Thank you to the Acting Director Meroe Park.  Thank you for 27 years serving the United States of America here at CIA.  (Applause.) It’s a great privilege for me to be with you […]

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Diplomacy in an Era of Disruption: Secretary Kerry and Tom Friedman at the WEF in Davos


Sec. Kerry: “The United States of America has been more engaged on more issues with more crises simultaneously and with greater outcomes and consequence to that engagement on a global basis than at any time in American history.”

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Cabinet Exit Memo by Ambassador Samantha Power

In re-engaging the United Nations, we have not compromised our national interests, but advanced them; we have not overlooked the dysfunctions of the UN system, but sought to tackle them; and we have not muted our values, but defended them vigorously and credibly.

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U.S. Embassy Bern, Switzerland Emergency Message: Shooting in Zurich; Avoid Area and Police Activity

U.S. Embassy Bern informs U.S. citizens that on December 19 a gunman shot and wounded three people near the Islamic Center at Eigasse 6, Kreis 4 in Zurich. Police are searching for the gunman. We encourage U.S. citizens in Switzerland to avoid the area around Eisgasse. We urge U.S. citizens in Zurich to contact family members and loved ones to notify them that you are safe.

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