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Right of Reply by the Delegation of the United States of America
As Delivered by Ambassador Michèle Taylor
October 13, 2023

Right of Reply by the Delegation of the United States of America 

As delivered by Ambassador Michèle Taylor 

Human Rights Council – 54th Session

Thank you, Mr. President. 

In response to statements made by the Arab Group, the OIC, Palestine, and individual member states, I present this statement united in solidarity with Israel in the face of the despicable acts of terrorism carried out by Hamas targeting civilians in Israel starting on October 7, 2023. These cruel acts have led to a shocking loss of life, and the taking of over one hundred hostages, including women, children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and at least one Holocaust survivor.  As President Biden has said, “the loss of innocent life is heartbreaking. That includes those who lost their lives in the horrific Hamas attacks, US, citizens, Israelis, and … others from all over the world.” 

Such deliberate targeting of civilians and the appalling bloodshed that ensued demands unequivocal international condemnation of Hamas. 

All of us recognize the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people and support equal measures of justice and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians alike. 

But indiscriminate attacks and acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas in recent days starkly highlight the urgent need for global solidarity against such vile acts of terrorism and violence that only cause immense suffering and seek to instill fear in the civilian population. Terrorism can never be justified. 

The United States stands with Israel and with its people. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. 

I thank you.