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Joint Statement by the Group of Friends of R2P on the Prevention of Genocide
July 4, 2023

The United States Joined the Following Joint Statement at the 53rd Session of the Human Rights Council

Interactive Dialogue with the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide

Joint Statement by the Group of Friends of the Responsibility to Protect (Geneva)
As Delivered by Ambassador Shara Duncan-Villalobos of Costa Rica

Thank you, Mr. President,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the Group of Friends of R2P.

We thank the Special Adviser and would like to reaffirm our support to the UN Office on Genocide Prevention and R2P. The Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and the Special Adviser on R2P can and should play an instrumental role in raising awareness of situations at risk of atrocity crimes and providing UN Member States with targeted recommendations for action. These complimentary and mutually reinforcing mandates require equal support, including from within the UN system, to ensure their effectiveness.

We urge the two Special Advisers to use their leadership role to seize any opportunity to advance atrocity prevention efforts, including at the Human Rights Council and through regular early warning and horizon-scanning briefings to UN Member States on concrete situations at risk. Public statements on situations at imminent risk of escalation can contribute to mobilizing early action.

We also urge the Special Adviser to enhance her collaboration with the OHCHR and relevant HRC mechanisms and procedures in order to promote addressing atrocity prevention holistically across the UN system, as well as to systematically engage with civil society and affected communities.

Special Adviser,

What follow-up action is intended regarding situations where Treaty Bodies and other UN mechanisms specifically refer their analysis and recommendations to your Office?

Thank you.