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Interactive Dialogue with the UN Business and Human Rights Working Group
Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America as Delivered by Cassie Peters
June 27, 2023

Interactive Dialogue with Working Group on Human Rights and

Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

As delivered by Cassie Peters

Human Rights Council – 53rd Session


Thank you, Madam Vice President

The United States supports global BHR standards to ensure that companies, as well as communities, benefit from conducting business responsibly and in a rights-respecting manner. Strengthening implementation of the UNGPs is central to this effort.

The report of the Working Group provides critical new insights on capacity and knowledge gaps among stakeholders in furthering implementation of the UN Guiding Principles.

We will consider the Working Group’s insights and recommendations as we finalize the update of our National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct.

We have seen significant value in peer-to-peer exchanges by companies, including through the Voluntary Principles Initiative on Security and Human Rights, which we currently Chair.

The Initiative strengthens capacity building by facilitating corporate participants’ exchange of best practices in the implementation of the UNGPs in security and human rights and strengthens civil society participation in multi-stakeholder country working groups.

We encourage all states to consider ways in which they can further capacity building.

I would like to ask: how can states better incorporate capacity building in their National Action Plans?