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Joint Statement on the Interactive Dialogue on Sudan
June 20, 2023

The United States Joined the Following Joint Statement at the 53rd Session of the Human Rights Council

Joint Statement by Saudi Arabia and United States of America

Interactive Dialogue on Sudan

Human Rights Council – 53rd Session 

As Delivered by U.S. Ambassador Michèle Taylor

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

I am delivering this statement on behalf of my country and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as facilitators of the Jeddah Declaration of Commitment to Protect the Civilians of Sudan.

Saudi Arabia and the United States stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan and call on the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to reach agreement on a ceasefire. We urge both parties to commit seriously to facilitating humanitarian assistance and the restoration of essential services desperately needed by the Sudanese people.

The Facilitators stand ready to resume formal talks but only once the parties demonstrate their will to uphold their commitments under the Jeddah Declaration. The United States and Saudi Arabia stand by the people of Sudan and urge the parties to end the fighting immediately. There is no acceptable military solution to the conflict. 

Besides engaging with the parties, the facilitators continue to coordinate with regional and international partners to stop the fighting and minimize its impact on the region, and to intensify coordination with Sudanese civilian stakeholders, who must be the authors of their country’s future.

Sudan’s transition must be civilian-led and deliver on commitments to justice, prosperity, and peace for the Sudanese people.  I thank you.