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Statement by Ambassador Taylor on the 3rd Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder 
May 25, 2023

Statement by Ambassador Taylor
Permanent Representative to the UN Human Rights Council
on the 3
rd Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder 

On the third anniversary of George Floyd’s shocking murder, the United States reiterates its unwavering commitment to overcoming racism, discrimination, and violence against Black Americans and other members of marginalized racial and ethnic communities.  The protests that followed Mr. Floyd’s murder united the world to push for social justice and for an end to systemic racism and inequality in America and around the world.   

This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; we reaffirm that “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”  The painful truth is that the United States has not always lived up to its highest ideals.  We recommit to the power of democracy, transparency, accountability, freedom of speech, and a free press as the strongest avenues to right past wrongs. 

We also recognize that People of African descent throughout the world face multiple intersecting barriers to the full enjoyment of human rights and dignity.  The United States recently welcomed a visit by the UN’s International Independent Expert Mechanism to Advance Racial Justice and Equality in the context of Law Enforcement, created by the UN Human Rights Council in 2021.  We look forward to their report and recommendations.  By addressing our shortcomings openly and honestly, we live up to the values that we stand for worldwide. 

Respect for human rights is essential to national wellbeing and international peace and stability.  We will continue striving toward a more inclusive and equitable future for all people, everywhere.