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Interactive Dialogue with OHCHR Item 6 General Debate
Statement by the United States at the 52nd Session of the Human Rights Council
March 28, 2023

Interactive Dialogue with OHCHR Item 6 General Debate

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

Human Rights Council – 52nd Session

Delivered by Tim Johnson

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

The United States is a strong supporter of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, which gives every country the opportunity to carefully consider their own human rights record in consultation with their civil society and human rights institutions, and to benefit from the recommendations and experience of the global community.

It is truly universal, as the only process through which every UN Member State undergoes review and scrutiny of their human rights record.

The United States has been reviewed three times, most recently in November 2020. During this UPR review, we accepted more than 80 percent of recommendations. We considered recommendations with an open mind and willingness to listen with the goal of improving human rights in the United States.

The charge of this Council is to promote human rights worldwide. The UPR process can be a critical element in identifying and preventing the abuse of human rights and fundamental freedoms across the world wherever they occur.

We must find ways to support countries in their implementation of recommendations, including through foreign assistance where appropriate.

We welcome OHCHR’s increased support to implement recommendations through new regional staff and through UN country teams.

The United States urges all UN members states to ensure the UPR remains a central and universal part of our work to advance the promotion and protection of human rights at home and globally.

I thank you.