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Installation of a new suspended ceiling system in the Mission Office Building
March 8, 2023

Installation of a new suspended ceiling system in the Mission Office Building

March 8, 2023



1.1    The U.S. Mission in Geneva is soliciting proposals for the design and installation of a ceiling suspension system used to support acoustical tiles and light fixtures for the basement floor of the Mission Office building.

1.2    The basement floor of the office building consists of 90 sq meters of suspended ceiling with acoustic tiles and light fixtures.

1.3    It is required to completely remove the existing ceiling grid, acoustical tiles and light fixtures. None of the existing carrying channels, cross runners, or wall moldings may be utilized. Hangers may be utilized if they meet the gauge and load requirements for the new ceiling.

1.4    The new suspended ceiling will support 2×2 (60cm) acoustical ceiling tiles and LED light fixtures. The ceiling grid, hangers and tiles will be supplied by the contractor. Tiles will be modified to accommodate smoke detectors and specialty equipment.

  • The hangers supporting the ceiling will be 12-gauge galvanized cadmium or zinc wire and placed at 120 cm centers.
  • Carrying channels will be attached to hangers in a manner to prevent vertical movement or rotation. Kinks or bends in hangers will not be accepted as a means of leveling carrying channels.
  • Carrying channels shall be installed to be level within 1 cm vertical over a 1-meter distance, the equivalent of a 1% slope.

1.5    Light fixtures will be compatible with a 60cm ceiling grid with a slim profile of less than 5 cm and utilize LED elements with a diffuse lens feature. The fixture will operate with input voltage of AC 200-277V, and a frequency range of 50 Hz. The lights specifications are: 40W; 3600 Lumens; and a temperature range of 4000K.

1.6    The US Mission is located at 11 Route de Pregny, Chambésy-Geneva.

1.7    All inspections shall be requested through the Embassy’s Facility Manager [FM]. Work shall be completedas expeditiously as possible. The Contractor shall coordinate with the FM for job sequencing.


2.1     The work shall be executed in a diligent manner in accordance with a negotiated firm fixed price andperformance period. The period of performance for the project shall be completed in 25 calendar days from the issuance of the Notice-to-Proceed.

2.2     The Contractor shall have limited access to or be admitted into any structure outside the areas designatedfor the project except with permission by the Embassy.   


3.1  NA 


4.1     The Contractor shall not conduct any work that is beyond this Statement of Work and accompanyingspecifications unless directed in writing by the Contracting Officer [CO].  Any work done by the Contractor beyond this SOW and accompanying specifications without direction from the CO will be at theContractor’s own risk and at no cost to the Embassy.

4.2     The Contracting Officer [CO] shall provide a Notice to Proceed [NTP] to the Contractor. No work shall be initiated until the NTP is issued by the CO


5.1     The Contractor shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy, and the coordinationof all services furnished. The Contractor shall, without additional compensation, correct or revise anyerrors or deficiencies in its services.

5.2     The Contractor shall identify a Project Site Manager who shall be responsible for the overall management of the project and shall represent the Contractor on the site during work.

5.3     The Project Site Manager shall communicate to the FM all accomplishments, arising concerns and proposedsolutions, any proposed changed orders, and any other pertinent information required to report the progressof performance.

5.4     The Contractor shall verify all materials provide operational dependability. The Contractor assures thecompleted ceiling shall be easily maintained or replaced with readily available materials and services.

5.5     Any cost associated with services subcontracted by the Contractor shall be borne by and be the completeresponsibility of the Contractor under the fixed price of this Purchase Request.


6.1     The Contractor shall visit the site to fully inform themselves of all the conditions and limitations applied tothe work and submit a firm fixed price cost proposal for all the work.  No subsequent cost allowance will bemade to the Contractor for neglect of the existing conditions.

6.2     Provide a statement that the Contractor’s company and all personnel are experienced in installation of suspended ceiling systems similar to type and scope required for the work.


7.1     The Contractor shall be responsible for all required materials not provided by the Embassy, equipmentand personnel to manage, administer, and supervise the project. All workmanship shall be of goodquality and performed in a skillful manner as determined by the COR.

7.2     All materials and equipment incorporated into the project shall be new unless noted otherwise.

The Contractor shall transport and safeguard all materials and equipment required for work.

7.3     The Contractor shall provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate for the manner of work undertaken at each stage of the project. The Contractor shall provide fall protection when working from an elevated work site.

  • Contractor personnel must wear eye protection and work boots for the duration of the project. Ladders used to access elevated work areas must extend beyond the work zone to ensure safe access. When using a ladder in hallways, a designated spotter must be used to protect office personnel from the work site.

7.4     The Contractor shall perform the work at the site during the Embassy’s normal workday hours Monday through Friday.

7.5     Cleanup: The Contractor shall keep the work area, including storage areas, free from accumulations of wastematerials on a daily basis. The Contractor shall coordinate the delivery and use of a dumpsters for construction debris.


8.1    The work to be performed under this contract requires that the Contractor, its employees and sub-contractorssubmit corporate, financial and personnel information for review by the Embassy. Information submitted bythe Contractor will not be disclosed beyond the Embassy.


Note that your quotations must be submitted on or before Thursday March 23, 2023 at 17:00 pm to the following email address: genevaprocurement@state.gov

Other Important information:

SAM registration is recommended for all contractors interested in doing business with the U.S. Government. For foreign vendors, registration is REQUIRED for any entity wishing to participate in tendering exercises for contract awards estimated at $25,000 and above.

There is no charge to register, and the application can be requested online from the SAM official website www.sam.gov