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Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Democratic Republic of the Congo
October 5, 2022

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Democratic Republic of the Congo

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

As Delivered by Jesse Lynch

Human Rights Council – 51st Session

Thank you, Madam Vice President. We would like to thank the High Commissioner and the group of experts for their presentation and vital reporting.

The United States remains concerned by reports of ongoing violence by both state and non-state actors. We condemn human rights abuses by non-state armed groups operating in the DRC, and call on all states to end any cooperation with these groups.

We are disturbed by allegations of human rights violations and abuses against Congolese civilians by Burundian security forces or their collaborators operating in South Kivu province and urge the DRC and Burundi governments to investigate and hold accountable those responsible.

The United States also remains concerned about restrictions on freedom of expression and reports of human rights violations and abuses under the so-called State of Siege. We recognize the release of several detained activists and encourage the government to lift the State of Siege entirely.

Finally, we urge the government to refrain from steps that could reduce political space ahead of the 2023 elections.

Madam Vice President, distinguished experts – what can the international community do to support the government in ensuring mechanisms investigate reports of human rights abuses against Congolese civilians, including by foreign military forces?

I thank you.