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Interactive Dialogue with OHCHR
September 22, 2022

Interactive Dialogue with OHCHR

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

As Delivered by Kaitlin Sandin

Human Rights Council – 51st Session

Thank you, Mr. President and thank you Acting High Commissioner for your update.

The United States echoes OHCHR’s condemnation of the Myanmar military’s execution of four pro-democracy leaders in July. We remain deeply concerned about the growing number of political prisoners in Myanmar, including those facing the death penalty, and those who may face torture and sexual violence in detention.

We call on the military to immediately release all political prisoners and others unjustly detained and cease the targeted use of the death penalty against pro-democracy leaders.

We are concerned that the military’s unilateral plans to hold elections in 2023 will have a destabilizing impact on the country and lead to further violence. These elections have no chance of being free or fair while the regime is killing and imprisoning members of the opposition.

We urge the council and international community not to endorse sham elections and instead press the military to engage in meaningful dialogue with the democratic opposition and ethnic and religious minority groups to chart a transitional process toward inclusive, multiparty democracy.

Question: How can we support dialogue and a transitional process toward inclusive, multiparty democracy?

I thank you.