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Joint Statement by the Core Group on the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua – 51st session HRC
September 13, 2022

Joint Statement by the Core Group on the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua – 51st session HRC

Interactive dialogue on the UN High Commissioner’s comprehensive report on the situation of human rights in Nicaragua (as requested by HRC/RES/49/3)  
As Delivered by Mr. Alejandro Davalos Davalos, Deputy Permanent Representative of Ecuador

Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. President,

I make this intervention on behalf of over 40 countries.

We thank the High Commissioner and her Office for her new comprehensive report, which showcases the self-isolation of the authorities of Nicaragua from cooperation with human rights mechanisms. This attitude constitutes more evidence of the lack of responsibility and accountability from Nicaragua’s international human rights obligations, resulting in the continued and progressive deterioration of human rights in the country.

Nicaragua has continued to suppress the rights to freedoms of peaceful assembly and association, and of religion; this year alone, it has cancelled the legal personality of 1112 human rights, development and other organizations, professional associations, including medical associations, and others. Twelve universities have also had their legal personality cancelled, impacting the right to education. The enjoyment of the freedom of opinion and expression also worsened, with more journalists being forced into exile, and by the recent closure of 12 radio and television media outlets of the Catholic Church, especially in Matagalpa.

Without delay Nicaragua should reinstitute the national dialogue. Furthermore, in view of the upcoming November municipal elections, it is particularly concerning that recommendations by the OHCHR to reform Nicaragua’s electoral body have not been undertaken.

We once again urge the authorities of Nicaragua to collaborate openly with human rights mechanisms, restore civic space, release all political prisoners, guarantee judicial independence, end politically motivated detentions and the repression of independent media, as well as of minorities, cooperate with the OHCHR, and implement its recommendations.

We reiterate our commitment to and solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and call on this Council to continue to take concrete measures to promote and protect their human rights.

Thank you.

List of signatory States (as of 13 September 2022, 09h00):

1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Brazil

4. Belgium

5. Bulgaria

6. Canada

7. Chile

8. Colombia

9. Costa Rica

10. Croatia

11. Cyprus

12. Czech Republic

13. Denmark

14. Ecuador

15. Estonia

16. Finland

17. France

18. Georgia

19. Germany

20. Greece

21. Ireland

22. Italy

23. Latvia

24. Liechtenstein

25. Lithuania

26. Luxembourg

27. Malta

28. Monaco

29. Netherlands

30. New Zealand

31. Norway

32. Panama

33. Paraguay

34. Peru

35. Poland

36. Portugal

37. Romania

38. Slovakia

39. Slovenia

40. Spain

41. Sweden

42. Switzerland

43. United Kingdom

44. United States of America

45. Uruguay