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Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Human Rights of Women and Girls in Afghanistan 
September 12, 2022

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Human Rights of Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

As Delivered by Ambassador Michèle Taylor

Human Rights Council 51st Session

Thank you, Mr. President and speakers. My delegation applauds the courage of Afghan human rights defenders and, to all of you here today in person or virtually, we welcome your participation in the Council.

The United States underscores our unwavering support for the human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

I am heartbroken by ongoing reports documenting the Taliban’s near complete denial of the participation of women and girls in all their diversity in Afghan society. The video and comments at the beginning of this dialogue were both hard and necessary to watch and to hear.

We must seek accountability and justice for the women who continue to fight relentlessly for even the most basic human rights.

We call on the international community to use this platform and other multilateral fora to amplify Afghan women and girls’ voices, explore what support can be provided, and urge the Taliban to respect universal human rights.

We must continue to push the Taliban to reverse their restrictions on women and girls’ enjoyment of their human rights, including the right to education, the right to work, and freedoms of movement, of peaceful assembly, and of expression. These universal human rights are enshrined in the UN Charter and do not belong to any one culture. Anyone seeking to participate in the international system must respect them. If we don’t all insist on that, then shame on us!

I thank you.