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Request for Quotations – Heating System Oil Tanks Refill
August 18, 2022

Request for Quotations – Heating System Oil Tanks Refill

August 16, 2022

Dear Prospective Quoters,

The Mission of the United States of America at the United Nations located in Geneva Switzerland is looking to procure 42,000 Liters of 50 PPM ECO fuel to be used in refilling its heating systems.

Scope of work:

  • The grade of fuel to be supplied must be clearly stated in the offers.
  • The contractor must have the capacity to make delivery of fuel requested by the US Mission under normal circumstances, by 08:30 hours the next day for each order made.
    • However, under urgent circumstances, the contractor may be required to deliver the requested fuel within 5 hours, upon the orders being made.
  • The US mission shall inspect all fuel delivery and to reject acceptance if not conforming to the specifications of the Statement of work. Recovery of fuel product shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor.
  • Safety plan for the protection of government facilities and property and to provide a safe work environment for contractor personnel and U.S government workers. The Contractor shall provide all equipment, supplies and insurance at no cost to the US Government for the health and safety of its staff.

Other Important information:

SAM registration is recommended for all contractors interested in doing business with the U.S. Government. For foreign vendors, registration is REQUIRED for any entity wishing to participate in tendering exercises for contract awards estimated at $25,000 and above.

There is no charge to register, and the application can be requested online from the SAM official website www.sam.gov

Please submit your offers no later than September 01st, by 17:00 pm to the following email address: genevaprocurement@state.gov