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Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on the Central African Republic
July 6, 2022

Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on the Central African Republic, Mr. Yao Agbetse  

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America 

Delivered by Patrick Elliot

Human Rights Council – 50th Session 

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

And thank you, Mr. Agbetse, for helping advance respect for human rights in the Central African Republic.

The United States reiterates our call on the government to investigate all allegations of human rights violations and abuses and to hold accountable those responsible including those forces in the country at the invitation of the government.  While the initial steps taken by the government’s Special Commission of Inquiry were positive, we are concerned about the lack of progress on investigations.  We remain committed to supporting the vital work of the Special Criminal Court and urge government authorities to cooperate fully.

The United States remains deeply concerned by reports of atrocities and human rights abuses by the Armed Forces of the Central African Republic, Kremlin-backed Wagner Group mercenaries, and other armed groups.  We are troubled by reports that Wagner mercenaries and the Armed Forces continue to target predominantly Muslim communities.  These atrocities and abuses increase the risk of further destabilization.

Durable peace requires a commitment to good governance, respect for human rights, inclusive dialogue, justice, and accountability — not military action.

Our question for Mr. Agbetse:  How can we work with national authorities and civil society to strengthen accountability for all those who have committed human rights abuses and violations in the Central African Republic?

Thank you.