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Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' Report on Civilian Casualties in Syria
July 1, 2022

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Report on Civilian Casualties in Syria 

Delegation of the United States of America

Statement by Ambassador Michèle Taylor 

Human Rights Council – 50th Session  

We appreciate the reporting by OHCHR and the stark update provided today.

During the time since this Council last met, we were reminded of the regime’s utter disregard for civilian life with the release of video footage that depicted the Tadamon massacre in 2013, showing blindfolded, unarmed civilians being shot point-blank by a Syrian official before falling into a mass grave.

We commend the efforts led by Syrian civil society that resulted in this footage being released.  Extrajudicial killings of civilians in broad daylight in Syria do not happen in isolation; they are part of a pattern of atrocities by the regime.

This video suggests additional evidence of war crimes and serves as a sobering reminder of why countries should not normalize relations with the Assad regime.

We condemn the atrocities depicted in this footage and remain firmly committed to pursuing accountability for the atrocities the Assad regime continues to inflict.  Accountability and justice are essential to a stable, just, and enduring peace in Syria and the region.