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Interactive Dialogue on High Commissioner’s Oral Update on Nicaragua | HRC50
June 16, 2022

Interactive Dialogue on High Commissioner’s Oral Update on Nicaragua

Statement by the United States of America

As Delivered by Mr. Jesse Lynch

Human Rights Council, 50th Session

Thank you, Mr. President, and thank you, Madame High Commissioner, for your review of the situation in Nicaragua.

The United States shares your concern that the regime continues to commit human rights abuses. Recently, the regime concluded a round of sham prosecutions of over 45 political opponents, journalists, and human rights defenders, sentencing them to anywhere from eight to thirteen years in prison and bringing the total number of political prisoners unjustly held by the authorities to over 180.

We urge the immediate, unconditional release of all political prisoners. We exhort Nicaraguan authorities to end punitive treatment of these individuals, including isolation, deprivation of natural light and exercise, and to provide adequate medical care.

The regime must cease their assault on Nicaragua’s peaceful opposition, independent media, and academia, including the forced closure of over 200 nongovernmental organizations and independent universities.

We note that Nicaragua has chosen to withdraw its ambassador from the OAS. We urge Nicaragua to re-engage with the OAS and OHCHR to address existing human rights concerns and put in place conditions necessary for a return to democracy and rule of law.

Question: What can member states do to support the newly established Group of Human Rights Experts, given the Ortega-Murillo authorities’ lack of engagement with OHCHR?

I thank you.