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Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the report of the High Commissioner on the Sudan | HRC50
June 15, 2022

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the report of the High Commissioner on the Sudan

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

As Delivered by Patrick Elliot

Human Rights Council – 50th Session

Thank you, and thank you Mr. Dieng for your tireless efforts.

The United States supports the Sudanese people’s desire to advance their country’s democratic transition under full civilian leadership.

We welcome Sudan’s cooperation with Expert Dieng, the lifting of the state of emergency, the release of some political prisoners, and the dialogue facilitated by the UN, AU, and IGAD.

At the same time, we condemn violence against and unjust detentions of peaceful protestors and call for those responsible to be held accountable. We call for the release of all those unjustly detained, including activists and civil society leaders.

Sudan’s democratic transition must be civilian-led and deliver on commitments to justice, prosperity, and peace. The Sudanese people do not accept military rule and it is not sustainable. Full respect for freedoms of association, expression, and peaceful assembly is vital.

We condemn the ongoing violence in West Darfur in the strongest terms. This situation demonstrates the need for humanitarian access, security sector reform, international monitoring, and comprehensive, inclusive, and transparent transitional justice processes, including accountability for violence against civilians.

Mr. Dieng, what further steps can the Sudanese government take to restore civilian leadership?

I thank you.