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Installation of carpet runner in the U.S. Mission official residence
February 3, 2022

Installation of carpet runner in the U.S. Mission official residence

The U.S. Mission in Geneva intends to install carpet runners and carpet in one of the US Mission official residence. The contractor should determinate with onsite SME the least invasive method of installation for runners and carpet on stairs (glue down, rails/drilling into surface to secure.

STAIR 1: The runner for the grand stair shall be placed with 3” on each side of the resilient surface showing, the idea is for the mounting type to be the least invasive to the surface-the brass rods are acceptable but if there is a way to secure the runner without penetrating the surface-drilling into the surface should be minimum. The runner will follow the path of the stairs the start and finish points.

STAIR 2: carpet shall be installed wall to wall

Interested and qualified contractors who wish to propose their services should contact the Procurement Office at genevaProcurement@state.gov for additional information and make arrangement for a site-visit.

Vendor’s registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) will be required for this contract.

Interested vendors are encouraged to check the registration process in the SAM official website www.sam.gov.

Closing date for requests: 02/14/2022