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U.S. Statement on South Sudan  at the Universal Periodic Review 40th Session
January 31, 2022

U.S. Statement on South Sudan at the Universal Periodic Review 40th Session 

As Delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Daniel Kronenfeld 

The United States welcomes the delegation of South Sudan 

We are concerned that South Sudanese leaders have plundered the country’s resources and stoked brutal conflict. Reported human rights violations and abuses include ethnically based killings, starvation of civilians, pervasive gender-based violence, arbitrary detention, and excessive restrictions on freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly.  We are alarmed by reports of attacks on humanitarian workers. 

We recommend that: 

  1. Attacks against civilians in Tambura, Western Equatoria or elsewhere be halted; 
  2. Transitional justice mechanisms be fully established, including the Hybrid Court for South Sudan; 

  3. South Sudanese people be given an opportunity to choose their own form of government through an inclusive constitution-drafting process and competitive, accountable, and transparent elections in accordance with the R-ARCSS; and 

  4. Effective anti-corruption mechanisms be implemented, including increased transparency around officials’ asset disclosures and military procurement processes, to prevent the ongoing looting of the country’s wealth, which contributes to conflict and human rights abuses.