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U.S. Statement at Moldova’s Third Universal Periodic Review
January 28, 2022

U.S. Statement at Moldova’s Third Universal Periodic Review

As delivered by Delaney Felker, Human Rights Affairs

January 28th, 2022

The United States welcomes the delegation of Moldova to Geneva.

We recommend the Government of Moldova:

1. Continue to make progress on judicial reforms and anti-corruption efforts, including through preventing selective prosecution and holding corrupt officials to account.

2. Promote policies to increase media pluralism, encourage independent media, and ensure that journalists are able to receive information of public interest and carry out their professional activities without fear of harassment.

3. Pass legislation to criminalize hate-based violence, and increase efforts both to protect persons in vulnerable situations, including women and girls, LGBTQI+ persons, Roma, Jews, and persons with disabilities, and to hold perpetrators of hate-based crimes to account.

We commend Moldova for committing to a robust reform and anti-corruption agenda. We welcome its efforts to strengthen the independence and integrity of the judiciary and the Prosecution Service, and congratulate Moldova for ratifying the Istanbul Convention.