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Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the Report of the High Commissioner on the Sudan
October 6, 2021

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the Report of the High Commissioner on the Sudan 

Human Rights Council – 48th Session 

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America 

As Delivered by Patrick Elliot, Human Rights Officer 

Thank you, Madame High Commissioner.

Sudan’s decision to welcome OHCHR to open offices in Sudan was a milestone achievement reflective of the civilian led transitional government’s commitment to overturning the Bashir regime’s legacy of abuse.

We remain encouraged by the transitional government’s continued progress on human rights and strongly support OHCHR’s work in Sudan.

We encourage continued progress to address remaining challenges regarding the rule of law, human rights, and justice.

We urge Sudan to fully implement the Constitutional Declaration and Juba Peace Agreement, including standing up the Transitional Legislative Council, as well as the Joint Protection Forces.

It is imperative for the international community to support Sudan in its efforts. We must seize this historic opportunity to achieve a democratic Sudan underpinned by strong human rights protections.

Our question is: To what extent has monitoring the human rights situation of Ethiopian refugees in Sudan complicated OHCHR’s core Mission in Sudan? Thank you.