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Interactive Dialogue on Secretary General’s Report on Reprisals
September 29, 2021

Interactive Dialogue on Secretary General’s Report on Reprisals

Human Rights Council – 48th Session

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

As Delivered by Patrick Elliot, Human Rights Officer

Thank you. The work of human rights defenders is critical to the full enjoyment of human rights.

Yet they face harassment, intimidation, unjust detention, and even death for doing their work. Over 300 human rights defenders were murdered world-wide in 2020, many of whom were exercising their rights while working on environmental issues.

Many more face government reprisals for participating in international dialogues, including at UN bodies, where some states attempt to silence dissenting voices.

The United States condemns all acts of reprisals by States and non-state actors against human rights defenders.

We are appalled by the attacks against human rights defenders in Afghanistan, Belarus, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Russia, and Uganda, where they face grave danger and oppression every day.

The international community must intensify its efforts to enable the work of human rights defenders and to promote and protect their human rights.

Our Question is: How can the international community protect HRDs against reprisals? Thank you.