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Joint Statement on Afghan Women and Girls' Human Rights Human Rights Council Special Session on Afghanistan
August 24, 2021

The United States joined the following statement read at the August 24 Special Session of the Human Rights Council on Afghanistan by the delegation of Spain.
Madam President, 

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of Australia, my ow country Spain and a group of countries. 

We are deeply concerned by reports of serious human rights violations across Afghanistan. We call for the immediate cessation of targeted killings of women’s rights defenders. 

We are troubled by reports of a reduction in rights and access to services and public spaces for Afghan women and girls.  

Women’s empowerment benefits all Afghans. The protection of Afghan women’s and girls’ human rights must be an integral part of the political solution We call upon all States and all parties to create and support an enabling environment for all women to have a meaningful participation in this process as acknowledged in HRC resolution 45/28. We further call upon all parties to commit to protecting human rights workers and advocates. 

The gains of the last 20 years must be preserved. Afghan women’s organisations that advocate for and provide services to women and girls must be allowed to continue their crucial work.  

We strongly condemn all forms of violence against women and girls. We call on those in power and authority to guarantee women’s and girls’ rights to education, work, health and freedom of movement, to achieve inclusive and sustainable peace in Afghanistan. We will closely monitor the protection and enjoyment of all human rights.  

Afghan women and girls deserve to live in safety, security and dignity. We stand ready to amplify their voices and ensure their concerns are heard.  
I thank you. 
List of Countries Supporting Joint Statement on Women and Girls In Afghanistan by Australia and Spain 
Special Session On Afghanistan (24th August 2021)

  1. Eslovenia/Slovenia
  2. Albania
  3. Ucrania/Ukraine
  4. Grecia/Greece
  5. Macedonia
  6. Colombia
  7. Argentina
  8. Guatemala
  9. Dinamarca/Denmark
  10. Mónaco
  11. Alemania/Germany
  12. Austria
  13. Suecia/Sweden
  14. Países Bajos/Netherlands
  15. Polonia/Poland
  16. Irlanda/Ireland
  17. Luxemburgo
  18. Letonia/Latvia
  19. Liechtenstein
  20. Malta
  21. Montenegro
  22. Israel
  23. Lituania/Lithuania
  24. Vietnam
  25. Nueva Zelanda/New Zeland
  26. Perú
  27. Croacia/Croatia
  28. Portugal
  29. Estonia
  30. Islas Marshall/Marshall Islands
  31. Finlandia/Finland
  32. Francia/France
  33. Rumanía/Romania
  34. Moldavia/Moldova
  35. Bulgaria
  36. Panamá/Panama
  37. Chipre/Cyprus
  38. Chile
  39. Georgia
  40. Republica Checa/Cz Republic
  41. Italia/Italy
  42. Corea/ROK
  43. Japón/Japan
  44. Hungría/Hungary
  45. Andorra
  46. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  47. Libia/Lybia
  48. Eslovaquia/Slovakia
  49. Bélgica/Belgium
  50. Islandia/Iceland
  51. Suiza/Switzeland
  52. India
  53. Ecuador
  54. Indonesia
  55. Costa Rica
  56. México/Mexico
  57. Gabón
  58. Estados Unidos/United States
  59. Reino Unido/United Kingdom
  60. Bahamas/The Bahamas
  61. Noruega/Norway
  62. Brasil/Brazil
  63. Canada