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OHCHR Report on The Human Rights Situation in Ukraine
March 23, 2021

Interactive Dialogue on the OHCHR Report on The Human Rights Situation in Ukraine
46th General Session of the UN Human Rights Council (Item 10)

U.S. Statement
As Delivered by Daniel A. Kronenfeld
March 22, 2021

The United States welcomes the ongoing work of the High Commissioner on the human rights situation in Ukraine, as well as Ukraine’s continued cooperation with OHCHR. We support OHCHR’s sustained attention to the issues of administration of justice, promotion of rule of law reforms, and push for greater accountability for attacks on journalists, human rights defenders, LGBTQI+ persons, and Roma.

We commend the government of Ukraine for its efforts to secure a July 2020 “ceasefire strengthening” agreement.

Russia’s brazen seizure of Ukraine’s sovereign territory violates international law and is widely condemned by the international community.

We call on Russia to immediately end its aggression in Ukraine, release all Ukrainian prisoners it unjustly holds, implement its commitments under the Minsk agreements, allow the UN monitoring mission access to the peninsula, and end its occupation of Crimea.

Mr. Vice President, what steps can the international community take to end the impunity with which Russia carries out abuses in Crimea and Donbas?