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Interactive Dialogue on the Human Rights Situation in the Central African Republic
March 22, 2021

High-Level Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on the Human Rights Situation in the Central African Republic
Yao Agbetse

46th Session of the Human Rights Council
March 22, 2021 

As Delivered by Meryn Schneiderhan

Thank you Madame President. 

We deplore the violence in the Central African Republic.  An inclusive democracy is the best path forward for Central Africans, one that will move away from the crises of the past and towards lasting peace and stability conducive to sustainable development.  The recent legislative elections remind us that citizens must have the opportunity to express their will.

We are deeply concerned by reports of recent human rights abuses, including reports of violence against civilians, sexual exploitation and abuse, and unjust detention committed by foreign private security contractors and the Central African Security Forces.

The United States supports justice for victims and accountability for individuals responsible for human rights abuses and violations in CAR, including through the Special Criminal Court.  

Question: What steps need to be taken to investigate and pursue accountability for human rights abuses by foreign private security forces operating in the Central African Republic?