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Interactive Dialogue on the Situation of Human Rights in South Sudan
March 10, 2021

Interactive Dialogue on the Situation of Human Rights in South Sudan 

Statement by the United States of America
46th Session of the Human Rights Council 

March 10, 2021 

as delivered by Mark Cassayre, Charge d’Affaires

We thank the Commission for its work to address South Sudan’s grave human rights situation. We commend its extensive preservation of witness statements and documents and hope such evidence will help hold accountable those responsible for atrocities.

We are appalled by the documented abuses, including those involving starvation of civilians, pervasive sexual and gender-based violence, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and excessive restrictions on freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly. We call on the Council to renew the Commission’s mandate for another year.

South Sudan faces a surge in widespread sub-national conflict, and violations and abuses of human rights may now be more prevalent than during the devastating civil war. Attacks on humanitarian workers remain unabated, making South Sudan one of the most dangerous places to operate worldwide.

We welcome the transitional government’s announcement to proceed with implementing Chapter V of the peace agreement to address justice, truth, compensation, and healing.

Question: What timelines are realistic to establish the truth commission and reparations authority?