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Statement at the HRC Interactive Dialogue on Freedom of Religion or Belief
March 4, 2021


Interactive Dialogue with Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief  

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America  
UN Human Rights Council – 46th Session  
Geneva, March 2, 2021  
As Delivered by Meryn Schneiderhan  

Thank you, Madame President,  

Special Rapporteur Shaheed, we welcome your most recent report on anti-Muslim discrimination and hatred.  We support your efforts towards collective action and advocacy through the collaboration between your office and wide-ranging stakeholders, including other UN special mandate holders, to promote respect for freedom of religion or belief for all, including Muslims around the world.    

Hailed by both governments and civil society actors alike, Resolution 16/18 continues to be timely and relevant since its adoption ten years ago.  Resolution 16/18 is an action-oriented resolution outlining the tools for governments to proactively combat intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief, while also fully protecting freedom of expression.  The Istanbul Process is the primary mechanism for experts to share best practices and identify implementation opportunities.    

We look forward to exploring all available tools, including Resolution 16/18 and the Istanbul Process, to address the challenge of anti-Muslim discrimination hatred and discrimination.   

Question: Are there specific types or instances of discrimination and hatred against Muslims that require coordinated action?