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U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review of Mongolia
November 4, 2020

36th Session, November 4, 2020
Read by Meryn Schneiderhan 

The United States welcomes the Mongolian delegation.

We recommend that Mongolia:

1.Strengthen judicial independence and anti-corruption oversight, including by instituting safeguards to help ensure the consistent application of legal protections and prevent the arbitrary dismissal of judges and other officials;

2.Support increased participation in the political process and anti-corruption efforts by civil society, including NGOs, human rights defenders, and religious groups; and

3.Promote freedom of religion or belief, including by ensuring the legal and regulatory environment allows religious groups and organizations to register and operate freely.

The United States remains committed to partnering with Mongolia on capacity-building programs to foster the rule of law and strong, independent judicial and anti-corruption agencies. We welcome your delegation’s engagement on how to advance the protection of human rights in Mongolia.