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U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review of Malawi
November 3, 2020

36th Session, November 3, 2020
As Delivered Sean Garcia

The United States welcomes the Malawi delegation.
We recommend that Malawi:

1.      Vigorously investigate and prosecute sex and labor traffickers, including those who engage in forced labor, and those who use child labor and appropriately sentence convicted perpetrators, including government officials complicit in such crimes.

2.      Thoroughly investigate credible allegations of unlawful killings, excessive use of force, torture, rape, and sexual exploitation by police and hold accountable those responsible in a timely manner.

3.      Decriminalize LGBTI status and conduct.

We commend the progress Malawi made by ratifying four international agreements on workers’ rights, passing the 2018 Tobacco Industry Act, and eliminating school fees.  However, we are concerned by limited accountability for trafficking, child labor, and police abuses.  We remain concerned by pervasive levels of gender-based violence and discrimination.  Finally, we urge Malawi to ensure its legislation respects individuals’ rights, regardless of their real or perceived LGBTI status and/or conduct.