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Statement by Ambassador Andrew Bremberg
June 10, 2020

Statement by Ambassador Andrew Bremberg
United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva

Geneva, June 10, 2020

My colleagues and I join Americans and people around the world in horror, anger, and grief at the senseless death of George Floyd. The public reaction in the United States that followed this grave tragedy has demonstrated the collective desire of Americans to overcome racial injustice in our nation.  The United States is committed to achieving equality for all and bringing about a more perfect union.

The largely peaceful demonstrations have also shown the world that Americans cherish and robustly exercise their inherent freedoms of expression, opinion, and assembly, as they raise their collective voice.  Our transparency, commitment to a free press, and insistence on justice allow the world to witness our struggles and openly engage in our efforts at finding solutions.  These core values, often discussed in the multilateral organizations based here in Geneva, are fundamental foundations of our nation.

The United States has a long history of major debates and public demonstrations leading to signature improvements.  We are confident that our open, democratic system will enable us to become a more equal and just society.