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U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review of The Gambia
November 5, 2019

As delivered by Anna Palladino

The United States welcomes the Gambian delegation.

We recommend that The Gambia:

  1. Increase efforts to investigate, prosecute and convict traffickers, and to address child sex tourism.
  2. Fully investigate, prosecute, or otherwise hold accountable those individuals responsible for politically motivated killings and other serious human rights violations or abuses, including but not limited to those who may be recommended for prosecution by the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC).
  3. Ensure those accused of crimes have access to a timely and fair trial; as well as, improve sanitation and reduce overcrowding, physical abuse, and food shortages in Gambian prisons.

We welcome The Gambia’s efforts to promote and defend human rights and congratulate the Gambian people on recent advances, especially holding free and fair elections after many years of authoritarian rule.

We remain concerned, however, by impunity for security service and other government agents; the continued widespread practice of female genital mutilation despite its criminalization; and the ongoing criminalization of LGBTI status and conduct.  Mindful that The Gambia faces challenges as it addresses the legacy of prior abuses and authoritarianism, we commend the government for taking steps toward transitional justice, including by establishing the TRRC.