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UN Human Rights Report Documents Maduro Regime’s Human Rights Abuses
July 9, 2019

The United States remains deeply concerned by the gross human rights abuses and violations detailed in the UN Human Rights report.  This report on Venezuela illustrates the depth of the despair and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.  It confirms that Nicolás Maduro and his thugs are committing gross violations of the human rights of the Venezuelan people and depriving them of their basic rights and freedoms through systemic repression, torture, and intimidation.

One of the most unsettling statistics is that the former Maduro regime’s Special Action Forces killed at least 5,287 people in 2018 and, at minimum, another 1,569 by mid-May, 2019.

This report follows the alleged torture and killing of Capitán de Corbeta Rafael Acosta Arévalo, a Venezuelan Naval Officer, who died while in the custody of Maduro’s thugs and their Cuban minders.  We renew our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

No dictatorship lasts forever.  Venezuela will soon be free, and those responsible for abuses and violations of human rights in Venezuela will be held accountable. The international community should condemn the illegitimate Maduro regime and stand together to fight against its willful disregard for human rights and impunity.

We appeal to the countries that have not yet formally recognized Interim President Guaido to do so as soon as possible, and withdraw any lingering support for the former Maduro regime’s de facto hold on power.