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U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review for Democratic Republic of the Congo
May 7, 2019

33rd Session
Geneva, May 7, 2019

as delivered by Jason Mack

The United States welcomes the delegation of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We recommend that the DRC:

  1. Swiftly remove any individuals involved in human rights violations or abuses from positions in the government and security forces and hold them criminally accountable, including those responsible through command responsibility.
  1. Investigate and punish judicial corruption and implement reforms designed to promote judicial independence and impartiality.
  1. Ensure consistent implementation and enforcement of the laws on sex discrimination and violence against women and girls including consequences for those who discriminate against women and girls or engage in abuse.

The United States is encouraged by President Tshisekedi’s commitment to host a Human Rights Dialogue with the United States.  We applaud his decision to close illegal detention centers and release prisoners of conscience.  We welcome the removal of the abusive head of the DRC’s National Intelligence Agency and urge the government to remove and hold accountable all officials responsible for human rights violations or abuses, including those involved in the deaths of UN experts Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan.  Accountability and justice are crucial for national reconciliation, reestablishing state authority and respect for human rights, and placing the DRC on the path to stability and prosperity.