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Intellectual Property as a Driver of Innovation
November 7, 2018

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The U.S. Mission is pleased to have cosponsored a November 7 discussion on Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation at the World Trade Organization. A panel of four expert speakers looked at how IP incentivizes creativity in the arts, business and technology, unshackling human potential to address the world’s many challenges. The event featured four speakers: Carsten Fink, Chief Economist of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Dr. Keith Nurse, Senior Fellow at the University of the West Indies and founder of the CaribbeanTales incubator, Dr. Jonas Pollard, head of the Hemolytics project at the Adolphe Merkle Institute, and Jason Kang, CEO and Co-Founder of Kinnos. The session was moderated by Philip Stevens, Founder and Executive Director of Geneva Network. Facebook photo album