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On the Anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attack
September 11, 2018

Today the U.S. Mission flag flies at half-mast, marking the 17th Anniversary of 9/11. The Mission will never forget the support of Genevans and members of the international community here in the days after the attacks. Flowers, candles, and messages of solidarity were left at our gates, reflecting an overwhelming spirit of unity. Yesterday in Washington, DC, U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo visited a display of condolences and other objects that individuals left at U.S. diplomatic missions after September 11, 2001. Some of the commemorations from our gate were contributed to that archive. The United States joins “with people across the globe in remembering the victims of 9/11,” Secretary Pompeo said. “Those who were lost will never be forgotten.” Full statement by Secretary Pompeo below:

On the Anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attacks
Press Statement
Michael R. Pompeo
Washington, DC
September 10, 2018

Tomorrow we honor the nearly 3,000 people who were killed in the terrorist attacks 17 years ago on September 11. Tomorrow also marks six years since the tragic loss in Libya of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods.

The diverse nationalities of the victims of 9/11 and the attack in Libya remind us that terrorism is a global issue that requires the efforts of every sovereign nation to defeat it. Diplomacy plays a central role in counterterrorism by combating extremism and promoting stability and freedom worldwide. While we have made great strides over the past 17 years, our efforts to eradicate terrorism continue today. The men and women of the U.S. Department of State are proud to stand side-by-side with partners from all over the world in this effort, and we will not waver in our resolve to pursue peace, security, and justice.

Tomorrow we join with people across the globe in remembering the victims of 9/11. Those who were lost will never be forgotten. We continue to pray for guidance, wisdom, and protection for the men and women in uniform who fight each day to guard the world against terrorism, and we pray for the unity of our nation and the world in times of peril and peace.