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U.S. Statement on World Health Assembly Agenda item 14
May 23, 2018

Kevin Moley

Committee B Item 14 Statement
Delivered by Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Kevin E. Moley
World Health Assembly,
Geneva, May 23, 2018

Regarding the World Health Assembly Agenda item 14, the United States believes the current draft does not meet the objective of a World Health Assembly focused purely on public health.  We should not be sidetracked by political issues.

The draft decision before us perpetuates politicizing by inviting the Director General to prepare a report for the 72nd Assembly.  Moreover, concern for the health of the population in the Golan is particularly ironic when the Syrian regime attacks its own citizens, using chemical weapons to kill and maim.  The Assad government, which routinely prevents international humanitarians from delivering essential medical supplies to besieged areas, has no credibility.  No credibility whatsoever on questions of humanity, let alone public health.

The United States has the objective that this Assembly get on with its public health business.  We cannot let this decision pass without our strongest objection.  This decision will not improve the health of Palestinians, does not help make peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and let me remind you that the United States is the largest provider of humanitarian aid to Palestinians.  We are opposed to adoption of this decision and support Israel’s call for a vote.

Thank you.