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EOP on Adequate Housing Resolution – HRC37 Resolution L.12
March 22, 2018


Explanation of Position by the United States of America
as delivered by Jason Mack

Human Rights Council, 37th Session
Geneva, March 22, 2018

 Thank you, Mr. President.

In the spirit of our shared policy objective, to make adequate housing available to all of our people, we are pleased to join consensus on this resolution today.

The United States supports the need to promote, protect, and respect human rights in carrying out housing policies.  We note the importance of respecting human rights in urban development.  In this context, we read the references in the resolution to non-discrimination as reflecting prohibitions against discrimination in applicable international human rights treaties. The United States sees a number of issues affecting the lack of adequate affordable housing in our communities.  Although the risk of housing becoming primarily a financial instrument solely and exclusively focused on seeking high returns is a concern, it is not the primary or the only issue driving the affordable housing challenge.

Other concerns regarding this resolution, such as the discussion of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and climate change, and general concerns about the characterization of economic, social and cultural rights, will be addressed in the United States’ general statement delivered at the end of Item 3.

Thank you Mr. President.