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U.S. Remains Steadfast in its Support for the UPR
February 26, 2018

UPR-Quote1Annual High Level Panel: Human Rights Mainstreaming (Theme: UPR)
37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council
February 26, 2018, Geneva

As Delivered by Jason Mack

Thank you, Mr. President

The United States welcomes the participation of today’s distinguished speakers and panelists. We are committed to the UPR process, and participate enthusiastically.

The UPR process can be a critical element in identifying, and hopefully mitigating, the infringement of human rights and fundamental freedoms across the world. The United States appreciates those governments that have undertaken this process with seriousness, objectivity, and respect, including those which have provided constructive recommendations during our own review. We remain encouraged by the example set by governments who review their own human rights commitments with an open mind and willingness for engagement and active dialogue. This includes governments who genuinely engage civil society in the preparation of their national reports and following sessions in the implementation of UPR recommendations.

The spirit of this Council is to promote and protect human rights worldwide. Accordingly, it should carry out its mandate to build national capacity and resilience through its UPR recommendations. Now in the UPR’s third cycle, it is important to discuss best practices for how the Council can work with States to sustainably implement the recommendations made during their reviews.

Civil society’s participation within the UPR process remains essential to the implementation of recommendations. It can share its expertise, provide guidance on how to implement recommendations, and become a key implementing partner. Yet, some members do not make genuine efforts to regularly and inclusively integrate civil society into their action plans for the implementation of UPR recommendations. We are committed to working with members to share productive methods to engage civil society and on the implementation of recommendations through continued bilateral dialogue with States under Review.

The United States remains steadfast in its support for the UPR and recognizes the critical role civil society plays in assisting states in their efforts to implement UPR recommendations.

Thank you.