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U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review of Japan
November 14, 2017

As delivered by Linda Newman-Toth
Delegation of the United States of America

28th Session,
Geneva, November 14, 2017

Thank you Mr. President.

The United States warmly welcomes the Japanese delegation to the UPR Working Group.

The United States commends Japan’s work to promote human rights, both domestically and internationally.

We applaud Japan’s efforts to reduce discrimination against women, children, LGBTI persons, persons with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, and foreigners, but we remain concerned that some legislative gaps remain that allow discrimination against members of some populations to continue.

We note concern over the regulatory framework that inhibits independent broadcast media.

Bearing in mind these concerns, we recommend that Japan:

  1. Review the legal framework governing broadcast media and, in particular, that the Government review and repeal Article 4 of the Broadcast Act, thereby strengthening media independence;
  2. Create an independent administrative body to regulate broadcast media;
  3. Implement comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation to protect and promote the rights of LGBTI persons.

Thank you Mr. President.