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Interactive Dialogue on the Oral Update on Libya
September 27, 2017

U.S. Statement as delivered by Janel Balch
Human Rights Council 36th Session
Geneva, September 27, 2017

Thank you Mr. Vice President.

We fully support the efforts of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and look forward to supporting the new UN Special Representative’s efforts to facilitate a political solution in Libya. We believe that the UN process remains the single best means to advance reconciliation in Libya and help Libyans achieve lasting peace and security.

We are deeply concerned by recent reports of killings by a high-ranking member of the “Libyan National Army” (LNA) in Benghazi.  We urge the “LNA” to conduct a transparent and comprehensive investigation and hold those responsible for any violation of applicable law to account.  We will continue our efforts at the international level to pursue appropriate action against those who are complicit in violations and abuses of international human rights law, whatever their affiliation.  It is in Libya’s interest to build unified national security forces, acting within the framework of Libya’s laws and respecting international law.

We are concerned by ongoing accounts of wrongful detention, harsh treatment in detention, and miserable prison conditions experienced by detainees – Libyans and migrants alike – and urge Libyan authorities to hold accountable anyone accused of abuse and to work with international humanitarian actors to improve conditions in detention facilities.

We reaffirm our support for the Government of National Accord (GNA) as it works to meet Libya’s critical governance, counterterrorism, economic, and humanitarian needs.  The Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) remains the framework for a political solution to the conflict and a peaceful transition, and we underscore the importance of the United Nations’ central role in facilitating Libyan-led political dialogue.

Thank you.