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U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review of Algeria
May 9, 2017

As delivered by Sheila Leonard

Universal Periodic Review 27th Session
May 8, 2017

Thank you Mr. Vice President.

The United States warmly welcomes the Algerian delegation.

We commend Algeria on its constitutional reforms, including a provision protecting freedom to manifest religion in worship.

We are concerned by the recent arrests of members of the independent media for  exercising their freedom of expression.  We also note reports that the Law on Associations is being implemented with a lengthy and cumbersome registration process.

We are concerned by recent arrests of Ahmadi [AH-ma-dee] Muslims, which call into question Algeria’s respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We recommend that Algeria:

  1. Amend the Law on Associations to remove undue restrictions on civil society organizations.
  1. Work to ensure constitutional guarantees of the inviolability of freedom of thought, conscience and religions are carried out for all, including for Ahmadi Muslims, and provide that community with the accreditation it needs to worship openly and in compliance with Algerian law.
  1. Amend Penal Code articles that punish peaceful free expression with prison terms, to conform to Algeria’s Constitution.

Thank you Mr. Vice President.