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Interactive Dialogue on the High Commissioner’s Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Libya
March 21, 2017

Statement of the United States of America
as delivered by Michele Roulbet

Human Rights Council 34th session
Geneva, March 21, 2017

Thank you, Mr. Vice President and Deputy High Commissioner Gilmore.

We thank the High Commissioner for the important work his office has done in assessing the human rights situation in Libya, as well as for this comprehensive report and recommendations.  We agree on the urgent need to bring an end to the widespread human rights violations and abuses occurring in Libya and to move towards establishing democratic and inclusive national governance.

We stand behind the Libyan people in maintaining a unified Libya that delivers responsive and inclusive governance and ensures the rights of all Libyans are respected.  The United States remains concerned by the ongoing risk of armed conflict in Libya.  Renewed fighting between Libyans will endanger civilian populations and only benefit ISIS and other violent extremists.  We continue to emphasize the importance of protecting civilians during counter-ISIS operations and the stabilization phase that follows.

We note your concerns about restrictions on freedom of expression in Libya.  The United States is providing democracy and governance assistance in support of national and local government institutions, rule of law, transitional justice, the constitutional process, independent media, elections and voter education, and atrocity prevention.

We would like to end with a question – How can the international community support the strengthening of rule of law in Libya, including enhancing protections for detainees and improving conditions in detention centers?

Thank you Mr. Vice President.