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December 18 Communiqué on Yemen
December 19, 2016

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, DC
December 18, 2016

The Foreign Ministers of the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates met today along with the UN Special Envoy and the Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs. They discussed the October 23, 2016 proposals conveyed by UN Special Envoy and endorsed by the Ministers. In reaffirming the proposals, the Ministers emphasized several key points:

  • The UN proposals, that include the sequencing of political and security steps, represent an outline for a comprehensive agreement whose details will be settled in negotiations.
  • Those proposals set forth issues to be negotiated by the parties and the Ministers emphasized the operative measures do not take effect until all parties have signed a comprehensive agreement.
  • The transfer of presidential authorities will not take place until the parties begin implementation of all political and security steps.

The Ministers agreed to provide full support to the parties and the negotiations until an agreement is achieved.

The October 23 UN proposals include seven key elements:

  1. Sequenced security steps and necessary withdrawals
  2. Appointments for the political transition
  3. Resumption of consultations with the UN based on the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism, the National Dialogue Outcomes, UN Security Council resolution 2216 and other relevant resolutions
  4. Additional withdrawals
  5. Signing an agreement
  6. Donors conference
  7. The national unity government starts a political dialogue to finalize the electoral roadmap and draft constitution.

The Ministers urged the Yemeni government in advance of negotiations to engage on the basis of the UN Special Envoy’s proposals. They welcomed the November 16 endorsement of the Roadmap by the Houthis and elements of the General People’s Congress and called on them to engage urgently on the basis of the UN Special Envoy’s security plan.

The Ministers urged all parties to agree to reinstate a cessation of hostilities based on the April 10 terms and conditions. The Ministers urged all parties to immediately agree to a cessation of hostilities that will be put in place two weeks after representatives of the parties arrive in Amman to begin planning and preparations for the cessation.

The Ministers expressed determination to increase the flow of commercial and humanitarian assistance to Yemen through Hudaydah and requested that the United Nations develop a plan for increased port functionality that includes enhanced inspections that accelerate the provision of increased aid to reach the Yemeni people.

The Ministers expressed condolences for the deaths of Yemeni soldiers and the importance of reaching a comprehensive peace agreement to prevent security vacuums that can be exploited by terrorists.