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HRC31: Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues
March 16, 2016

As delivered by Sarah Creedon

31st Session of the Human Rights Council
March 15, 2016


Thank you,

The United States appreciates the Special Rapporteur’s report.  I will address two topics.

First, your recent report on the Roma communities recommends that the media promote non-stereotypical portrayals of Roma.  You said this should include “providing greater visibility to Roma self-representation, history and culture.”


What opportunities do you see for realistic portrayals of Roma persons and culture, particularly in mobile device and social media venues?

As a second point, the United States is gravely concerned that Tibetans and Uighurs continue to suffer from counterproductive policies that undermine the preservation of their ethnic heritage by inaccurately branding preservation efforts as attempts to separate these regions from China.  We call on the Chinese government to protect the religious freedom and cultural rights of Tibetans and Uighurs.  They should be allowed to practice their faiths without undue state interference, including regarding the designation of religious leaders such as Tibetan reincarnate lamas.  We also urge Chinese authorities to allow Tibetans and Uighurs to promote and preserve the use of their native languages.


Does the SR have any plans to visit China in order to examine the challenges that minority communities there face?

Thank you.