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U.S. Strongly Condemns Ongoing Violence in the Central African Republic
October 5, 2015

Central African Republic – Technical assistance and capacity building in the field of human rights in the Central African Republic
U.S. to Co-Sponsor
As delivered by Jessica Carl 

The United States is pleased to co-sponsor the “Technical assistance and capacity building in the field of human rights in the Central African Republic” resolution.  The United States strongly supports this resolution’s call for transitional authorities to increase efforts to carry out the transitional process, including aspects related to reconciliation and implementation of the Bangui Forum in an inclusive approach to enable genuine and lasting reconciliation.  We express our full support for President Catherine Samba-Panza and her transitional government.  We further support the ongoing transition process, including efforts to ensure that all eligible Central Africans have the right to vote in upcoming elections, and pledge continued U.S. assistance in support of the ongoing transition.

We strongly condemn the ongoing violence in Bangui that started on Friday, September 25, and offer our condolences to the families of those killed.  We call upon those who engaged in violence, or are considering further violence, to lay down their weapons and return home.  Those guilty of committing or inciting imminent violence, including leaders of anti-Balaka militias and ex-Seleka groups, must be held accountable for their actions.  We fully support the efforts of the Central African and international forces to reestablish order and bring these perpetrators to justice.

The United States remains committed to helping the Central African Republic establish the peace and stability its citizens deserve. It is only with peace and stability that job creation, economic development, and prosperity will ultimately be possible for current and future generations of Central Africans.