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U.S. Condemns Violence in Burundi
July 11, 2015

Press Statement

John Kirby
Department Spokesperson

Washington, DC

July 10, 2015


The United States is deeply concerned by reports that fighting has broken out in several areas of Burundi and by recently broadcast remarks by Burundians threatening to use force against the Government of Burundi. We urge all parties in Burundi to commit themselves to constructive dialogue to resolve peacefully the political impasse that threatens to unravel the peace and stability ushered in by the implementation of the Arusha Agreement over a decade ago. The United States condemns violence as a means to attain political goals, and opposes any attempt to seize power through extraconstitutional means. We strongly oppose any armed activity or incursions into Burundi and will seek to hold accountable those responsible for gross human rights abuses.