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EOP on item 8: “Contribution of the Human Rights Council to the United Nations General Assembly on Drugs
March 27, 2015

Item 8:  Resolution Entitled “Contribution of the Human Rights Council to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem of 2016.” A/HRC/28/L.22

Explanation of Position by the Delegation of the United States of America

Human Rights Council 28th Session

Geneva, March 27, 2015


Thank you, Mr. President.

The importance of respect for human rights is front and center in the UN drug conventions, a cornerstone of all international drug control policy, as well as in all the declarations and resolutions from the General Assembly and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND).  There is no dispute on the role of respect for human rights in drug control efforts.  That is why we join consensus on this resolution.

The topic and the panels of the 2016 UNGASS were decided at the 2015 CND; one panel discussion highlights the cross-cutting nature of human rights in international drug policy.  To make a serious contribution to that discussion, any contributions from this Council should be submitted as timely as possible.  We recognize and appreciate that former High Commissioner Navi Pillay submitted a statement to the High Level Review of the Political Declaration and Plan of Action on International Cooperation towards an Integrated and Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem in March 2014.

We would also like to make clear that we appreciate this resolution’s reference to “persons in vulnerable situations” in operative paragraph 1. This includes all persons belonging to marginalized and vulnerable groups, including those categories not specifically enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights such as persons with disabilities and LGBT persons.

Finally, we are concerned about the high costs this resolution incurs.  Accordingly, we request OHCHR to minimize additional costs by absorbing them as much as possible into existing funds.

Thank you, Mr. President.